Braves Tell Bobby Cox They’re In First To Give Him Comfort In His Final Days


With a three-game sweep by the Philadelphia Phillies in the books, the Atlanta Braves' chances of winning the NL East in Bobby Cox's season are all but officially over. And now they're in danger of missing the playoffs completely, even as a wildcard.

But all of that is negative information that Cox's players and loved ones feel he does not need to know at this stage in his life.

"We'll really just want him to be comfortable right now," said Braves catcher Brian McCann. "Why trouble him with something that will only upset him? He'll be gone soon. We want him to spend his final days in peace."

So as the Braves have slid down the standings, when Cox comes to on the bench and asks where he is or what the score is, the players gathered around him day and night just tell him that he's in first place and that the Braves are winning. Then they feed him a few ice chips.

And as the Braves mourn their season, they also mourn Cox.

"We don't have too much more time with him. He'll be gone any day now," said Chipper Jones. "He talked recently about seeing a bright light. But that was just when he woke up from a nap in the middle of a day game and was pretty grumpy. He's actually in pretty good health for a guy his age."