August Rewind: The Most Popular Articles and Images on SportsPickle

Only the greatest things ever appear on SportsPickle. But among those greatest things ever are the greatest things of the greatest things. Here's what they were in August, based on traffic numbers.

1. 8 Teams And Their High School Classmate Equivalents
2. The 15 Worst Sports Movie Casting Decisions
3. The 20 Most Ill-Conceived Athlete Endorsements of All-Time
4. The 9 Players At Every NFL Training Camp
5. The 7 Players on Every LLWS Team
6. ARTICLE: If NFL Training Camps Were More Like Summer Camps
7. Tim Tebow Blows Signing Bonus on Charity Donations
8. Giants Doctors Unsure if Eli Manning is Concussed Or Just Really Stupid
9. The 20 Most Ridiculously Humiliating Sports Injuries of All-Time
10. Supreme Court Strikes Down a Fielder's Right to Choose

1. IMAGES: 7 Pickup Lines to Try on Elin Nordegren
2. Flowchart: Are You Being Hazed?
3. ProStars: The Unseen Episodes
4. ARTICLE: Taking a look at the Madden franchise through the years
5. IMAGE: Taking a look at Brett Favre's various injuries
6. IMAGE: Back-To-School List for the College Football Player
7. IMAGE: Tom Emanski Releases 9-Volume Instructional Sex Tapes
8. IMAGE: Lebron's first draft of his letter to Akron
9. 7 Other Surgeries Named After Athletes
10. IMAGE: The new ad for Brett Favre Airways