Arab Golfer Detained in Exploding Golf Ball Investigation


Indiana resident and Arab Muslim Abdul Al-Homini was released from jail today after being the prime suspect in a case involving the explosion of a trick golf ball at a golf course in Terre Haute last month.

The incident, which police estimate happened around 3:15 pm, was originally felt by Bob Carlson, a Home Depot manager whose swing impact set off the explosion. "It was so surreal", said Johnson. "I'm just golfing with some buddies of mine and boom! The ball just goes off. I'll never get that image out of my head."

Police arrived a few minutes later and confiscated the debris. Al-Homini, who was playing 2 holes ahead, was taken into custody immediately. Though no official paperwork has been released from the case, many suspect Al-Homini was singled out for being the only Arab ever seen in the state of Indiana. Others feel it was due to his being the only Arab ever seen on a golf course anywhere ever.

Police have officially arrested and charged Todd Murphy, a member of Johnson's foursome who took responsibility for the trick ball immediately after impact. Murphy, a member of the foursome with Johnson, had been been discharged from the military in 1978 and had spent the last 4 years in a log cabin writing anti-government pamphlets. He is known as an affable guy and big prankster. He's an 8 handicap.

"I feel a great sense of injustice", Al-Homini said through a press release, "I was 2 holes away from the best round of my life."

The Indiana chapter of the ACLU has stepped in and demanded retribution for Al-Homini, and the Terre Haute Police Department have agreed to offer his choice of 7 free golf tees or a free driving range ball. As of press time he has not decided which one he will choose.