5 Tips For Treating An Attractive Female Reporter Right … An Athlete’s Guide

Professional athletes often find themselves surround by beautiful women. But what happens when one of these beautiful women wants to talk to you — and it's not for sex? What if they're a reporter who may not be open to your advances?

It's a tricky situation. So keep these tips in mind.

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1. Do NOT stare at her breasts when she is interviewing you

Yes, they sure are nice ones. And your impressive height not only helped you get where you are as an athlete, but it also allows you to fully enjoy her cleavage; it's hard not to take advantage of that. Yet you still shouldn't stare at her breasts. She may find it offensive. Also, by staring at her breasts, you're missing out on that ass. BOOM! Shake that thing, girl!

2. Do NOT openly hit on her

It's not the time to ask her out when the cameras are rolling. Wait until after the interview. Or at least be subtle about it. If she asks you how you feel about your win, say something like: "It feels good. It was a good night. But not as good as it would feel to be with you tonight." See? Subtle. Viewers won't have any idea what you said. Because they will be staring at her breasts.

3. DO wear pants

She is in your locker room. It's true. But there's no reason you can't put on some pants before talking to her or at least throw a towel over your crotch to make her feel comfortable. How would you feel if you went into her dressing room and she was naked? Right. Dumb question. Okay, well, you get the point. You know what? Maybe forget the pants and ask her if she would feel more comfortable if you were both naked. Then she'll know you care.

4. Do NOT ask her about her past modeling work

Hey, she doesn't come up to you and ask you about why you threw an interception or missed a free throw or whatever three years ago, so don't ask her about being in FHM in June 2007. Plus, it was September 2009 and it was Maxim, which is way classier, and it included a 150-word interview. So there. It did. Really. The interview was right below that photo where she was stradding a microphone. Remember that photo? Yes, it was awesome.

5. DO treat her with the same respect you would a male reporter

Just because she is an attractive female doesn't mean she's not on the same level as all of the regular male reporters you deal with every day. There is no reason she can't ask questions that are just as stupid and pointless as the ones they ask.