Wrestling Fans Unsure Of Who To Root For In Match Between Black Guy and Middle Eastern Guy

Attendees at last Thursday’s “Extreme Nashville Pro Wrestling” summer event at VFW Post 151 became visibly and audibly confused during a match between The Iraqi Terror, an Arab, and The Black Threat, an African-American. The cause of the fan’s confusion was an inability to decipher just who they were supposed to cheer for.
The Iraqi Terror was the first to enter the ring, and was met by a chorus of boos from the crowd of 45. He was then followed by The Black Threat, who was also met by a chorus of boos. Silence then fell over the crowd when the bell was rung, the competitors entered into a headlock, and everyone realized there would not be a third wrestler involved.
“Every wrestling match has a heel and a good guy. How the hell am I supposed to know who’s the good guy when you got some Arab and a Negro?” explained Mark Johnson, one of the members of the crowd.“Now, I’m not a racist, but I ain’t never seen a match with only non-whites. It’s just madness. Again, not a racist.”
A cough was the only sound heard following a body slam from The Black Threat, and several people were overhead saying “ummm” after The Iraqi Terror issued an elbow off the top rope. The only evidence of approval came from a polite clap after the Caucasian referee broke up an illegal chokehold.
Added Johnson, “I never knew what the hell the word ‘surreal’ meant until tonight ‘cause I never went to some college like a fag, but tonight was surreal as sh*t, man.”
The President of ENPW issued a public apology for both that match and the following bout, which pitted two modestly dressed women against each other.