Training Camp Postcard: Washington Redskins

Our reporter spent the day at Washington Redskins training camp in Ashburn, Virginia. Here are his notes.

> After five years of playing against Donovan McNabb, Redskins cornerback Carlos Rogers says he is happy to have McNabb off of the Eagles and on the Redskins. "Donovan's passes always bounced off the ground," said Rogers. "I'm hoping Kevin Kolb will be easier to intercept."
> Albert Haynesworth told me: "Aaah … just let me … wheeeee … ohmigod I … aaaaah … I can't … wheeeeee …" before passing out.
> Tight end Chris Cooley is spending his free time at camp shooting web videos in which he does stuff that normal people do. This is will make for incredibly compelling video because he's not a normal person, you see; he is a football player doing normal things. So cool.
> After a disappointing 4-12 season in 2009, the Redskins say their team goal for 2010 is to return to the Top 15 in the NFL power rankings of every major sports website.
> First round draft pick Trent Williams has been impressive in camp so far, but no one cares because he is an offensive tackle and line play is, like, really boring.
> Mike Shanahan is feeling comfortable in his new home. In fact, he has started Orangemen Tans, a chain of tanning salons, with House minority leader John Boehner.
> According to the team website, the Redskins will begin selling "firewater" at home games this year and will give 5-percent of all revenues "to casinos run by redskins."