Training Camp Postcard: Philadelphia Eagles

Our reporter spent the day at Philadelphia Eagles training camp in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Here are his notes.
> Five players were shot this morning outside of a position meeting attended by Michael Vick. Vick claims no connection to the incident.
> The shooting overshadows the camp violence from last week when quarterback Kevin Kolb, who hunts wild boar in the offseason, felled head coach Andy Reid with a spear in a case of mistaken identity. Reid made Kolb run extra sprints after practice.
> Kolb appears to have a strong grasp of the system in what will be his first year as a starter. But coaches say he still has yet to show Donovan McNabb's strength or accuracy when projectile vomiting.
> Someone named Stewart Bradley is a middle linebacker and captain of Philadelphia's defense and not an interior designer. Huh. Weird.
> Defensive lineman Brandon Graham, drafted 13th overall out of Michigan, has been performing quite well in camp. He says he is motivated to prove doubters wrong who say a traditional swimming power like Michigan can't also produce serviceable football players.
> Fourth-round draft pick Mike Kafka is getting a lot of attention as a third-string quarterback because reporters like to work his last name into their columns in the form of bad puns. But this reporter wouldn't do that because taking such extreme measures would be rather … Kafkaesque.
> Remember when Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel was on the Patriots and he dropped that easy interception in the Super Bowl that would have clinched New England's 19-0 season, and then the Patriots went on to lose? That was awesome.
> The Eagles have had to find new strength training exercises this year at camp now that Brian Westbrook is no longer around for them to carry off the field.