Training Camp Postcard: Cincinnati Bengals

Our reporter spent the day at Cincinnati Bengals training camp in Georgetown, Kentucky. Here are his notes.
> Terrell Owens has been on his best behavior so far and is not expected to cause anyone any trouble this season. "Including opposing defensive backs," said one scout. "In fact, especially opposing defensive backs."
> While most teams choose sites for training camp with little to do other than football, the Bengals interestingly train in Georgetown, Kentucky — a town with as much, if not more, to do than Cincinnati.
> After having one of the NFL's easiest schedules in 2009, the Bengals have the league's fourth-toughest schedule this season. The iPhone app RunPee, created by backup quarterback Jordan Palmer, says you can go to the bathroom anytime after Week 10 in Cincinnati's schedule without missing anything meaningful.
> The Bengals won the AFC North last year? Really? That's absurd.
> Defensive back Adam Jones is scheduled to meet with commissioner Roger Goodell in New York on October 20th to discuss whatever he will have gotten in trouble for by then.
> Quarterback Carson Palmer says that if everyone could keep pretending he is an elite quarteback, he would really appreciate it.
> Still looks like the Bengals are sticking with those godawful uniforms. A bold, yet disgusting, choice.