Tommy John Does Not Have a Medical License

An investigation into Tommy John, the longtime baseball pitcher who is better known for surgery, reveals John does not have a degree to practice medicine. In fact, he has no medical training of any kind.
Tommy John surgery reconstructs the ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow. The procedure replaces a ligament in the medial elbow with a tendom taken from a another part of the body. It is a delicate surgery that requires at least two incisions and can be dangerous or even fatal if done by anyone other than a highly-trained and specialized surgeon.
A multiple minute look into John's Wikipedia page, however, reveals he attended Gerstmeyer High School in Terre Haute, Indiana, and then went into professional baseball. So he has no schooling beyond high school. John retired from baseball in 1989 when Mark McGwire, the son of a dentist, got two hits off of him. That's not all that interesting, but it is the only other medical reference on his whole Wikipedia page.
While no deaths have been linked to Tommy John surgery, it is still a great concern that an untrained surgeon has cut into hundreds, possibly even thousands, of people and that he will handle the upcoming surgery of baseball phenom Stephen Strasburg.
"No, it is actually not a great concern," said Dr. Frank Jobe, who claims to have originated the procedure. "Tommy doesn't do the surgeries."
Jobe also claims that Lou Gehrig did not discover Lou Gehrig's Disease, although that can't be confirmed because Wikipedia is currently down.