Tom Emanski Releases 9-Volume Instructional Sex Tapes

Renowned AAU baseball coach Tom Emanski has decided to extend his name brand to other ventures, releasing a 9-volume instructional sex tape series for kids and teens on VHS.
The former MLB scout, who is the mastermind behind the wildly popular and well-known baseball fundamentals instructional video series, described this new venture as: "A helpful guide for every young kid with dreams of one day having sex. From making the first move to giving excuses for why you couldn’t get it up, we’re going to teach you the proper techniques which you can use now until your boning days are over.”
“Once you’ve gotten her all hot and bothered The Tom Emanski Way, let’s spend a few minutes learning the proper techniques for unhooking a bra," says former MLB player Fred McGriff at the end of volume 1, Foreplay The Right Way.
“We pride ourselves on simple, intelligent solutions to lovemaking, “said Emanski,” For example, in Volume 4: Going As Long As Possible, we teach kids how simply thinking of me hitting a baseball off a tee will add minutes, even hours, to your sessions.”
Commercials for the tape have already become something of a cult phenomenon since airing late nights on The Playboy Channel, Penthouse TV, and ESPN. In an effort to capitalize on this late night, usually lonely audience, Emanski is planning a 9-volume instructional masturbation video next month.