Those kind of plays to start showing up in the box score

After decades of being left out of the box score, Major League Baseball announced today that those kind of plays will start showing up in the official score sheet. “It’s about time those kind of plays get the notice they deserve,” said commissioner Bud Selig. “For too long the kind of plays that really win games have not been recorded. Well, that’s about to change.” Selig did not give specifics on how those kind of plays would be scored, but said the scoring decision would be up to the oldest broadcaster in the home team’s booth. And that the plays would be called Pedroias. “Hitting to the right side, fouling off pitches to increase the pitcher’s pitch count – these are all the kind of things that rack up Pedroias,” said Selig. “And just looking gritty in your uniform is worth two Pedroias.”