Taking a look at the Madden franchise through the years

Madden 11 is upon us. Let's take a look back through 22 years of the franchise to see how we got to where we are today.

Madden 90
In 1990 the franchise launched on computers, not video game consoles. In fact, John Madden's hygiene is blamed for the majority of computer viruses of the 1990s.

Madden 91
The second year of the game was available for both SNES and Sega Genesis. To this day, John Madden doesn't know what any of those words mean.

Madden 92
The biggest feature of Madden 92 was that an ambulance drove onto the field and would carry away injured players. "Madden 92: Enjoy the fun as your roster gets decimated by injuries!" Yeah, video games kind of sucked back then.

Madden 94
The franchise became licensed by the NFL for the first time for the '94 game. You still were playing with no-name players assigned random numbers, but they were YOUR FAVORITE TEAM'S no-name players with random numbers! Exciting.

Madden 95
And there we go: real NFL players hit the Madden franchise for the first time, allowing gamers to play with 1994 stars and Pro Bowlers such as Jeff Hostetler, Natrone Means, Brent Jones and Defensive Rookie of the Year Tim Bowens! Also, for the first time we see John Madden in profile on the cover of the game. Probably because he was badly burned on the left side of his face by trying to eat directly out of a fryer.

Madden 97
The Madden franchise goes high-resolution with its first 32-bit release for Playstation and Saturn game systems. The clarity allows us to finally see what exactly that the stain is on Madden's tie. (It was mayo, not mustard.)

Madden 99
The '99 edition saw the addition of Franchise Mode, allowing gamers to manage a team as though they were the general manager. The game was now able to attract both the gamer and fantasy nerd markets, making it the top-selling video game franchise among virgins.

Madden 01
For the first time a player graces the cover of Madden. And, in a unique marketing deal with Madden 01, Eddie George agrees to average 0.1 yards per carry for the remainder of his career.

Madden 03
Online play is added to the franchise for Madden 03. Thanks to the game providing easy access to kids across the country, sales explode among pedophiles and give the franchise a strong hold on both the virgin and disgusting-deviant-perverts-who-should-be-castrated markets.

Madden 04 and Madden 05
In the mid-00s, the Madden franchise clearly began feeling pressure from the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Madden 07
The Madden franchise debuts the lead-blocking feature with the '07 game. Hey, running out of exciting ideas after 18 years is nothing to be ashamed of.

Madden 09
Brett Favre makes the cover of the game and John Madden shows interest in playing the video game for the first time in its history. He is disappointed to discover that controllers have no orally fellate button.

Madden 11
The newest edition includes the amazing feature of getting people to pay $59.99 for what amounts to little more than an updated rosters patch. Revolutionary!