SportsPickle Fan Girl: Megan (Portland, Maine)

SportsPickle Fan Girl
Megan — Portland, Maine

SP:Do you have any sports background?
Megan: I have so much sports background: gymnastics, basketball, softball, field hockey and soccer. I have been playing sports since I was 5 years old and have played on many competitive teams including ASA fast pitch softball and many basketball leagues because basketball has been my passion for many years. I played in high school and stopped playing competitively when I graduated. I now just play for fun!
SP: Fun? Sports are not fun. Sports are serious business. You apparently need to stop playing sports so much and start watching them more so you can learn this. Which brings me to the next question: What is your favorite sport to watch?
Megan: My favorite sport to watch is definitely basketball! I am a huge Boston Celtics fan and I love watching college basketball, especially during March Madness! I went to Game 5 of the playoffs last season when the Celtics played the Magic and it was an amazing experience!
SP: Seeing J.J. Redick in person is alwasy memorable. Who is your favorite athlete (J.J. Redick excluded)? Favorite team?
Megan:My favorite team is the Boston Celtics and my favorite athlete is Ray Allen. He is an amazing athlete and I have so much fun watching him play! But I love the whole Celtics team!
SP: And now Shaq, too. Anything else interesting you want to add?
Megan: I am a sports fanatic! If I could sit around all day watching sports, particularly basketball, I would be living the dream!
SP: That's exactly what Shaq plans to do. Neat!

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