SportsPickle Fan Girl: Kim (Tampa)

SportsPickle Fan Girl
Kim — Tampa

SP:Do you have any sports background?
Kim: I ran track in middle and high school.
SP: Only running? I was thinking of a more athletically diverse sport like bowling. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Kim: I LOVE watching football and basketball, especially college. I also love going to the games and tailgating!
SP: You didn't really need to clarify that you prefer college sports to professional. You live in Florida. Who is your favorite athlete? Favorite team?
Kim: Florida State Seminoles, that's my alma mater! Favorite athlete would have to be Michael Jordan, because he was awesome!
SP: Jordan, eh? I thought maybe an FSU fan would go with former SI cover boy Scott Bentley. Anything else interesting you want to add?
Kim: Join me on Twitter and Myspace! 🙂 AND
SP: Suck it, Facebook!

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