Seahawks apologize for not making any plays in Super Bowl XL

The Seattle Seahawks apologized today for doing absolutely nothing that would have helped them win Super Bowl XL four and a half years ago. "I've had a lot of sleepless night since then," said quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who completed just 53-percent of his passes in the game. "You want to perform your best on that stage and we didn't. At all." The champion Steelers scored on a touchdown run of 75 yards and a passing play of 43 yards, while Seattle's longest play was a 35-yard completion in desperation time. Bill Leavy, the official who called the game, says he appreciated the Seahawks speaking out. "There were a few debatable calls in the game," he said. "But I hope people now understand how hard it was for me to watch that game and officiate it, because the Seahawks really blew."