Roger Clemens to Enter Prison in a Red Sox Cap

According to reports, Roger Clemens will enter federal prison as a member of the Boston Red Sox, picking the team he spent 13 years of his 24-year career over the Yankees, Astros and Blue Jays.
"We knew this day would come," said Clemens' attorney, Rusty Hardin. "We just thought it would be for the Hall of Fame."
Despite a strained relationship with his former team, Clemens forged his baseball career in Boston.
"Roger won three of his seven Cy Young awards with Boston," said his wife, Debbie. "At the same time, he started using steroids in Toronto and really had them pay off in New York and Houston. So it was a tough call for him. He's lost a lot of sleep over this decision. Also because I think he's scared of going to prison."
Clemens is facing more than a year in a federal penetentiary if convicted of lying before Congress. While he may wear a Red Sox hat to prison, it will immediately be seized by prison officials.
"That would be considered contraband," said a guard at a federal penitentiary. "He would have to wear standard prison attire like every other inmate — because those are the rules and also for his own protection. Most people hate the Red Sox and would probably try to kill him. Hell, I'd probably shank him myself and I barely even follow baseball."