Roger Clemens: A Career Retrospective … In Pictures

Roger Clemens was once regarded as one of the greatest pitchers of all-time. Now he is charged with lying before Congress.
Let's take a look at his life … in pictures.

Clemens starred in college at the University of Texas. He majored in Business and minored, suspiciously, in Human Biology & Injecting Steroids Into Humans For Baseball Reasons Such As Throwing Pitches Fast.

While he forged his career in Boston, the only accusation against Clemens as far as using substances was that he ate a lot of paste.

Clemens was instantly embraced upon his arrival in New York. Here is ringing the bell at the Dow Jones on the day of the HGH IPO.

Clemens became a mentor and team leader on the Yankees. Here he showed Derek Jeter some of the same exercises Brian McNamee showed his wife.

Clemens displayed behavioral signs of many steroids abusers, such a rage and homophobia.

In recent years Clemens was linked to country singer Mindy McCready. And if that is his type, let's just assume he had an affair with the fat Judd sister, too.

Clemens testified before Congress that his wife had used HGH. However, her muscles did not grow big enough to conceal the fact that he willingly went out in public dressed in a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, blue jeans and cowboy boots.

Had Clemens surrounded himself with better people, perhaps he never would have made such poor decisions. But there's no disputing the fact that these people helped convince him to dress like a douchebag.

While Clemens future is currently up in the air, his legal team has advised him that if he goes to prison, it's probably smart not to show up there with his tips frosted.