Punter Can’t Believe He’ll Have To Punt In Meaningful Game Situations In Less Than Three Weeks

The NFL season is still weeks away, but it seems awfully close to Tennessee Titans punter Brett Kern.
"You can never be completely ready as a punter," said Kern. "There's just too much to it, what with having to kick the ball both far and high. And then sometimes the coach says he wants you to kick it shorter so it doesn't go in the end zone. I probably lost you already with all the technical jargon, huh?"
Kern says for a position like his, six weeks of training camp is not even remotely enough time to get ready for game-speed competition, so that's why he has been putting in long hours of practice honing various techniques.
"Mainly I have been punting," he said. "A lot, though. Like, I just punt all the time. All day with the punting. I'm trying to come up with other things I could do to help me with punting, but all I can think of is more punting."
The Titans open the regular with two home games at LP Field — which Kern calls a "punter's stadium" — but then they travel to the Meadowlands to play the Giants in Week 3.
"There you could punt into wind," he said. "Or with the wind. Or there could be a cross-wind. It's basically a punter's nightmare. But that's why we get paid the big bucks — at least big bucks for someone who only kicks things for a living."