Manny Ramirez Pretty Sure He Played for the White Sox Before

Outfielder Manny Ramirez says he is excited to be back with the White Sox.
"I had some good years on this team," he said. "I think we even won a championship. Is [Carlos] Baerga still here? He's a good guy."
White Sox general manager Ken Williams has encouraged White Sox players and team employees not to correct Ramirez and explain that the White Sox are a completely different team than the Red Sox.
"When you're dealing with someone of Manny's cognitive deficiences, it's just best to keep him comfortable," said Williams.
That plan is working, as Ramirez is already feeling at home. "Everything feels the same as it used to," he said. "The only difference is that the manager, Tommy Franconya or whatever his name is — he seems to curse a lot more. Which is cool."
The White Sox say they are working with local law enforcement to have breaking and entering charges dropped against Ramirez for an incident last night when he forced his way into a residence at 511 Chestnut Street.
"It's the address he lived at in Boston," said Williams. "He doesn't know any better. He said he was positive it was his house 'cause it had a door with a knob on it just like his house."