Lane Kiffin Transitions USC Player Payments to PayPal

Lane Kiffin, the young, 35-year-old head coach charged with leading the legendary USC football program into the future, is already making his mark on team. And today he announced the program's system of player compensation while be completely modernized and moved online.
"Players today do everything online," he said. "I don't think there's a kid on the team who doesn't have an iPhone or one of those Droids. Their lives are completely digital — and it's time our payment program reflects that."
Thanks to an exclusive partnership with PayPal, the university, athletic department, football program, coaches, boosters or even USC fans can make direct payments into each player's individual PayPal account.
"No longer will players have to be given sacks of cash that are easy to lose or be told they have to take a house when they really want a car," said Kiffin. "With PayPal we have completely modernized and streamlined our payment system. This is the future of paying NCAA athletes and we think our players will be earning as much as 50-percent more."
USC looked into other payment options in the past — Pete Carroll notably tried to use Flooz for a time — but had never moved beyond straight cash transactions or gifts. When Kiffin took over this offseason, he immediately insisted on overhauling the program and made it happen with his energy and youthful perspective.
"I've looked through the entire NCAA rule book and there's not a single mention of PayPal, so it must be allowed," he said. "And by the time they get around to putting that in the rule book, I'll be long gone to my next job."