Ice Cube Really F–ks Around, Is Held Scoreless and Has 12 Turnovers

Sixteen years after posting a triple-double in a playground game in his neighborhood, rapper turned actor Ice Cube fÂked around again today – but this time a little too much, as he had 12 turnovers, shot 0-for-14 from the field, and almost single-handedly caused his team to lose, 21-4.
Â"I got to say it was a bad day,Â- said Cube.
His performance was a disaster of turnovers, ill-advised shots, failed dunks and even an attempted bicycle kick tip-in rebound.
Â"Some of my Hollywood friends and their kids really enjoy soccer,Â- said Cube. Â"ItÂ"s a fun sport. I was fÂking around so I thought: Â'Hey, why not try it?Â" It didnÂ"t turn out well.Â-
The Compton native said his play in this afternoonÂ"s game showed him there is a fine line between fÂking around in a way that, for example, sets up teammates for wide open shots with inspired, behind the back passes and fÂking around by shooting hook shots from half-court on a fastbreak or whipping no-look passes over the backboard or trying to jump off teammates backs to dunk the ball.
Â"I was lucky none of the brothers decided to use their A.K. on me,Â- he said. Â"I was completely out of control out there.Â-
The former N.W.A. member said he went back to his neighborhood in hopes of playing a good game and re-establishing his street cred.
Â"IÂ"m not sure what has hurt me worse,Â- he said. Â"Starring in Â'Are We There Yet?Â" Starring in Â'Are We Done Yet?Â" Or posting my triple-double of turnovers, airballs and personal fouls today. I hope it was all a dream.Â-