Guy Ahead of You In Line Wearing Khakis and a Polo Shirt Possibly a PGA Golfer

The white guy a few people ahead of you in line at the supermarket might be a PGA Tour golfer. Not like a real good one, but you've seen him on TV before. His name is Ken or something. Maybe Dave?
He's dressed exactly like he dresses when he plays: khakis and a polo shirt. Is it weird that he would be wearing the same thing? Maybe not. Maybe he's just on his way back from a round and was stopping in to pick up some … what does he have there … milk, eggs and gum. That's a perfectly reasonable thing for a golfer to buy at the store. Or anyone really.
And it's not like he has an assistant to go to the store for him. I mean, he's not a top golfer. Is it Brian something? Yeah, that might be it. He played with Tiger or Phil that one time.
It's kind of cool seeing a professional athlete this close. You saw former Twins infielder Steve Lombardozzi at a movie 15 years ago, but he was way across the theatre. This guy (Mike?) is almost right next to you. It's kind of funny how he has a little bit of a paunch. But, hey — it's golf. And it would be cooler to see an NFL or NBA player; this guy is, like, maybe 5'11". And he's in his 40s. But still. Pretty cool.
You're definitely telling people about this. It's probably even worth a Facebook post. If only you were sure of his name. Kevin Stricker? Is that a person?
Wait … why is he waving at you? Does he know you? How could that be possible? He can't see you watching through the TV. Right?
Oh, wait. It's your old accountant. That's where you recognized him from. Never mind.
Now you can't tell people you saw Kevin Stricker (David Mahan?) at the supermarket. That sucks.