Fox Sports-Arizona cancels struggling "Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball"

Fox Sports-Arizona announced today that they are canceling "Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball", a series whose 2010 season opened with much promise, but has seen only poor reviews and worse ratings.
"It was time to pull the plug," said FSN president Bob Stenhower. "We tried to retool the cast by replacing Dan Haren with Joe Saunders, but that hurt ratings even more. Viewers have tuned out and the story just isn't going anywhere."
Kirk Gibson, who plays the Diamondbacks manager, feels the cast change was a mistake, but a better option than others that were being considered.
"I was hearing they wanted to add a sassy toddler to the cast," said Gibson. "And the other idea was for Adam LaRoche to get pregnant. You know, I actually wouldn't have minded seeing that one."
The cancellation ends a 13-year run on the network for the the show. FSN-Arizona plans to fill its time-slot with beach volleyball, international soccer and random Fox Sports filler programming.