Fan catching foul ball in cup probably going to lead Pirates 2010 highlights DVD

Pirates fan Gary Flint's impressive beer cup catch of a foul ball nearly rallied the Pirates to victory last night over the Marlins. The play is being called the most impressive of the season, just barely nudging out a double play opportunity that just missed being turned for top honors on the team's 2010 highlight reel. "The only reason I went to the game is because my boss didn't want his tickets," said Flint. "I was just sipping my beer and then this ball comes and lands in my cup, spilling a good portion of it. I was upset because the only way to actually enjoy an Pirates game is with a pretty serious buzz on." Several of the Pirates players wanted to meet Flint after the game for autographs, but Flint left at the top of the fifth inning, citing a desire to watch an episode of Navy NCIS that he had Tivo'd.