Every show on HBO is already about the Jets

HBO has debuted it’s new season of “Hard Knocks,” this year focusing on the New York Jets.


Almost every show on HBO is already about the New York Jets.

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“Deadwood” – A foul-mouthed man with a troubled past runs things in a town full of unsavory characters.

Alternate title: “Rex Ryan and the New-Look Jets”

“Big Love” – A man juggles relationships with numerous women while trying to forge a career in a competitive and high-stakes career.

Alternate title: “The Mark Sanchez Story”

“Hung” – A man with a large penis decides to share it with the world.

Alternate title: “Santonio and The Cell Phone Camera”

“Six Feet Under” – A family learns about life and love through the prism of death.

Alternate title: “A Family of Jets Fans Watches Another Disappointing Season”

“Sopranos” – A charismatic fat man struggles to lead the family business.

Alternate title: “Ryans”
“Entourage” – A bunch of overrated douchebags live it up.

Alternate title: “Braylon Edwards and His Friends”

“Tales From The Crypt” – A rotten corpse hosts terrifying tales.

Alternate title: “Mark Brunell’s Stories of the Redskins”

“Real Sex” – A look at truly amazing sexual lifestyles.

Alternate title: “The Life And Times of Antonio Cromartie”

“Arli$$” – A completely awful pile of crap that may have a few moments of humor but is mostly just depressing and soul-crushing to watch.

Alternate title: “The History of the New York Jets”