Desperate Vikings Reaching Out to Fran Tarkenton

With Brett Favre planning to retire, Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress has flown to Fran Tarkenton's home in Georgia in hopes of convincing the former Vikings star to come back for one more season behind center.
"He's been away for a few years, but he's really not that much older than Brett," Childress said of the 70-year-old Tarkenton. "I hope to sell Fran on this being the team that can get him his elusive Super Bowl ring."
Tarkenton holds every Vikings passer rating and led Minnesota to three Super Bowls, losing all three — the last in 1977 when Favre was only 7 years old. But the former All-Pro reportedly has been working out with high school players.
"That's true," said Tarkenton. "I sometimes throw passes to my grandsons who are in high school. They're nice boys."
"Grandpa throws a football way better than all of the other grandfathers," said Danny Tarkenton, Fran's 15-year-old grandson. "I think it would be cool if he played for the Vikings. Then maybe he would make a lot of money and give me more than five bucks in my birthday cards."
Childress says he plans to make his pitch to Tarkenton this afternoon.
"I'll wait until he's up from his nap," said Childress, "when he's feeling fresh and vibrant and young. That's how I convinced Brett the first time."
The Tarkenton option has received strong support from Vikings players.
"I have never heard of him. Has he played football before?" asked Adrian Peterson. "Even if not, there's a strong chance he's better than Tarvaris and Sage."