Darrelle Revis to end holdout once he completes a season in Madden 11

Reports out of Jets camp today say that star cornerback Darrelle Revis will end his holdout as soon as he finishes at least one season on Madden 11. "Darrelle told me from the beginning that he wants what he's worth and that he'll happily holdout until Madden 11 comes out in stores so he can just play all day," said quarterback Mark Sanchez. "I admire his stance. I wish I had the courage to do that." Jets owner Woody Johnson admitted today that he has not looked at the latest contract proposal submitted to him by Revis' agents. "I got an advanced copy of Madden 11 from this guy I know at EA," he said. "So I've been playing it non-stop for three days. I'll get to the Revis thing when I can."