5 Halls of Fame You Never Heard Of

It's Hall of Fame season, with the Pro Football and Pro Basketball Halls of Fame making their latest inductions.
But not all Halls = fame. Like these.

#1 — Mascot Hall of Fame — Newark, Del.
David Raymond, the guy who played the original Phillie Phanatic, started the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2005. You may be shocked to learn that the Phillie Phanatic was in the first induction class. This move presumably also got Raymond inducted into the Massive Ego Hall of Fame.
Although the Mascot Hall of Fame has a P.O. Box mailing address in Newark, Del., it is an online-only Hall of Fame. Sorry, furries. You'll have to find easy sex elsewhere.
Fun Fact: The Mascot Hall of Fame's P.O. Box is the most popular tourist attraction in the entire state of Delaware.
#2 — Insurance Hall of Fame — Birmingham, Ala.
The Insurance Hall of Fame was opened in 1957. And there you go: the final bit of proof that the 1950s was the most boring period in world history. The first IHOF inductee was Ben Franklin for his efforts to establish fire insurance companies in colonial Philadelphia.
Fun Fact: Ben Franklin also urged his mistresses to get health insurance because he knew he would give them syphillis.
#3 — Adult Video News Hall of Fame — Chatsworth, Calif.
Honoring the heroes of the adult film industry, this Hall of Fame is run by Adult Video News — the premier publication for people who prefer reading about the business of pornography to seeing actual pornography. So, no one. Members include the likes of Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, Jenna Jameson and Seymore Butts. That last one is a fine punchline, so there will be no attempt to top it.
Fun Fact: There is a groundswell of support to admit "Condomless" Joe Jackson into the AVN Hall of Fame.
#4 — International Clown Hall of Fame — Baraboo, Wis.
Enough with regional or national clown Halls of Fame, this one has the best of worldwide clowning. True story: the full name of the Hall is the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center. Donate today. Clown cancer can be cured in our time.
Fun Fact: There is nothing actually fun about clowns.
#5 — Robot Hall of Fame — Pittsburgh
Holy crap. Is this a good idea? So we're taking robots — something that we all fear will rise up one day and destroy us all — selecting the best of them, and then placing them all together in one building where they can scheme and plot together after-hours. This is like the easiest plot to a bad movie ever. "Robot Hall of Fame: The Uprising."
Fun Fact: Tiger Woods was a member of the Robot Hall of Fame until he was stripped of his robot status last November.