Tim Tebow Blows Signing Bonus on Charity Donations

Tim Tebow is portrayed as mature beyond his years. And in many ways he is. But even the great Tebow can still fall prey to the temptations on a 22-year-old with money.
According to reports, Tebow has already blown through his $2.5 million signing bonus on various worldwide charity organizations focusing on famine, education and home-building.
"Hey, it's his money now and he can do with it what he'd like," said Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels. "But, sure, you'd like to see a bit more responsiblity and discretion from someone you hope will become a leader of the team. I've seen a lot of young players go broke being stupid. I hope he doesn't do the same."
Tebow admits it may have been a little foolish to blow through $2.5 million in 24 hours.
"The money was burning a hole through my pocket," he said. "I just wanted to help people. There are so many people in need who can't afford a delay in aid. But, sure, if I had more time, I might have researched some of the charity organizations a little more to make sure all of the money will be used in the best possible way."
Not all of Tebow's bonus went to charity, however. The quarterback also used some of the money for personal use — a down payment on a luxurious downtown Denver loft apartment. He plans to live there until he completes the renovations needed to make it into a soup kitchen, one he hopes will be the nices soup kitchen in the United States if not the world.
"I have been blessed with this money and I want to help others," he said. "I don't need this bonus. I can easily live off of my regular salary. That's what I'll use to pay my mortgage, get a car, and finance my addiction to hookers."