SportsPickle’s Unfortunate 7: The 7 Lowest-Earning Athletes in Sports

Forbes and Sports Illustrated have released their list of the highest-earning athletes in sports. Here is SportsPickle's exclusive list of the lowest-earning athletes in sports.

#7 — Willie Wood (PGA) — $6,540
2009 was a bad year for Tiger Woods. It may have been even worse for Willie Wood. With just $6,540 in earnings, Wood placed dead-last on the PGA Tour money list. Put it this way: if his wife got $1 million in a divorce settlement, he'd need to play another 153 years on Tour just to pay it off.
#6 — Kim Welch (LPGA) — $2,171
Welch was the ninth season winner of the The Big Break, areality showon Golf Channel in which aspiring golfers compete for an exemption spot in a tour event and a BMW Z4 Coupe. The annual insurance payments on a Z4 are about $5,000. Whoops!
#5 — Mauricio Molina (Nationwide Tour) — $1,410
As the worst player on the Nationwide Tour, Molina earned $5,130 less than Wood did as the worst player on the PGA Tour. That should be plenty of motivation for him to improve his game to the point he can get his PGA card and start earning in the mid-four figures.
#4 — Greg Hopkins (Champions Tour) — $918
There are two kinds of grandparents. There are the ones who spoil their grandchildren and buy them everything they want. And then there are those who send a birthday card with a $1 bill taped inside. We can probably assume this senior tour golfer is in the latter category.
#3 — Carina Witthoeft (WTA) — $798
Don't feel bad. Carina is only 15 years-old. $798 buys a shitload of Twilight posters.
#2 — dozens of players (ATP) — $118
Based on the ATP money list, it seems that getting bounced in the first round of a crap ATP Tour event earns you $118. HOWEVER … losing in the first round of the doubles tournament gets you another $90. Woo-hoo! Somebody's treating at Olive Garden tonight!
#1 — Leroy Willis, Jr. (PBA) — $35
Oh, Leroy. $35? That is not good. That buys, at best, like 12 bowling shirts. At this rate there is no way Leroy Willis, Jr. is moving out of Leroy Willis, Sr.'s basement anytime soon.