SportsPickle Fan Girl: Sherri (New Jersey)

SportsPickle Fan Girl
Sherri — New Jersey

SP:Do you have any sports background?
Sherri:Tons. In 7th and 8th grade I was on the tennis team, and actually won the MVP award that first year. In 8th grade I played softball, and the boys on the baseball team were pretty scared to play with me at recess when I was at-bat. That year I also gave basketball a shot, since I'm tall. One day during practice, as someone was throwing a chest pass, I turned to look at them and was hit in the nose. Literally two seconds later, when I turned away, another ball bounced off the backboard hit me in the nose. I still have a bump. In college I rowed for the crew team, and coxswained for a short time too. Again, I'm tall, so I didn't really fit that well into the little bucket at the front of the boat.
SP:If only YouTube existed during your basketball days, you would be a star. When not getting hit in the face, what is your favorite sport to watch?
Sherri:Football! Both American and European. And nothing beats it live. I was at a match in London a few years back and every time the home team, Arsenal, would get close to scoring, the ENTIRE stadium would stand up. You could hear all the seats of the folding chairs slapping against the backrests. It was mind blowing..
SP:It's the same at soccer matches in the U.S. when everyone gets up to leave. Who is your favorite team? Favorite athlete?
Sherri:New Jers—-um, New York Giants. I was born at Meadowlands Hospital, which overlooks the stadium, so it's kind of a rule. And I love John McEnroe. He would just scream and throw shit around whenever he got worked up for any reason. I wish I could get away with that.
SP: You can't get away with it if you don't try. Have you ever met any of the Giants? And your opinion on Elisha Manning: good or bad?
Sherri:Oh, I wish! Ya got a hook up for me? When I was little one of my dream jobs was to be the team doctor for the Giants. As far as Manning…maybe if he stopped doing stupid commercials and acting like a pop star, we could have seen the team at a few more Super Bowls by now..
SP: Anything else you'd like to add?
Sherri:I'm a pretty kickass baker, if I do say so myself. If those Giants (or any team, for that matter) want a yummy recharge after a game, ya know where to find me.
SP: You can expect to hear from the offensive line.

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