SportsPickle Fan Girl: Kim (Westfield State College, Westfield, MA)

SportsPickle Fan Girl
Kim — Westfield State College (Westfield, MA)

SP:Do you have any sports background?
Kim:Iplayed soccer and basketball, plus pickup games of volleyball and wiffle ball. I played soccer for over ten years, was a keeper, and was the captain in high school Junior and Senior year. I played basketball for about 5 years and played in high school for two.
SP:I got winded just reading that. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Kim:Major League Baseball or NCAA men's basketball! March Madness is INSANE.
SP:July is also insane because, like, nothing happens. You have to be cautious of the really quiet types. Who is your favorite team? Favorite athlete?
Kim:Baseball: the Yankees. Favorite player: Andy Pettitte. NCAA basketball: KANSAS JAYHAWKS! Favorite player: Cole Aldrich.
SP:Have to admit, you are the first Fan Girl to say Cole Aldrich is your favorite player. Congrats? Anything else interesting you want to add?
Kim: I'm the type of girl who can go out partying but still chill with you and watch the world series. And i'm smart, too. Hahaaa!
SP:I'm exactly the same! You know, except the girl part.

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