SportsPickle Fan Girl: Emily (Duquesne University, Pittsburgh)

SportsPickle Fan Girl
Emily — Duquesne University (Pittsburgh)

SP:Do you have any sports background?
Emily:Sports are my life, and I’ve been playing them since I was 5 years old. I’ve been involved in many different sports including:soccer, basketball, volleyball, track & field (triple jump, long jump, high jump, pole vault, ran the100mhurdles , 200m, and 400m),tennis, and snowboarding.
SP:Suck it, Bo Jackson! So what is your favorite sport to watch?
Emily:I’ve been a HUGE sports fan ever since I was little! I love to watch any sport on TV (especially snowboarding during the Winter Olympics), but hockey is by far my favorite sport to watch live.Professional football games are a ton of fun to go to as well.
SP:Who is your favorite team? Favorite athlete?
Emily:Being fromdaBurgh, of courseI bleed black and gold. The Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates will forever hold a special place in my heart. Since hockey is my favorite sport, I would have to say thatMaximeTalbot is definitely my favorite athlete. I also look up to GretchenBleiler’sachievements as a tremendous athlete that I can relate to in the snowboarding world.
SP: Gretch Bleiler wishes she could act this well …

SP:Any interesting sporting adventures in Pittsburgh? Run-ins with athletes? Memorable games? Parades/hugging of Cups?
Emily:I was very fortunate to be able to attend a Stanley Cup party soon after the Pittsburgh Penguins won the 2008-2009 season. Getting to wear the Stanley Cup ring on my finger and drinking DomPerignonout of the Stanley cup will be precious memories that I will forever hold and tell my grandchildren about in the future. I truly believe that this day was and will forever be the best day of my life…even my wedding day won’t top it!
The parades in downtown Pittsburgh after Stanley Cup and Super Bowl wins are insane! For the Steelers’ parade, I sat on top of a wire fence for 5 hours so that I could see the stage. The day of the Stanley Cup parade, I had an exam in one of my classes at Duquesne that I couldn’t miss. I got done taking the exam 10 minutes before the parade began, sprinted downtown, and ended up squeezing my way through the crowd of 375,000 people and got up to the front of the stage.
SP:I hope you got extra credit for that feat. Okay, anything else interesting you want to add?
Emily:Since Duquesne University is about 2 blocks away from the Mellon Arena, I was a regular in the student rush line. I would often wait 14 hours in single digit temperatures to get student rush tickets to Pens games.
SP:Sounds like Krzyzewskiville. But without the self-importance.

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