Sources: Multiple teams looking to trade lousy players before deadline

With major league baseball’s trade deadline just hours away, sources in various front offices say that many teams are trying to unload their crappiest players for better ones.“Most GMs seem intent on keeping their good players, but they are putting most – if not all – of their bad players on the block,” says a source. “But few are seeing any offers for their terrible players that really bowl them over.”But some deals will likely go down before the deadline arrives.“It’s a buyer’s market right now,” he said. “But I’m finding buyer’s still don’t want to buy crap, regardless of how cheap it is. For example, my neighbor had a yard sale last Saturday and only made eight bucks on two old beanbag chairs. Eight bucks for standing outside all day on a beautiful Saturday. What a waste. I’m going to make one more call on this old, washed up reliever we have. And if no one wants him, I’ll just call it a day and put him back in my bullpen.”