Rookie call-up told to pick at-bat music befitting his race

The Florida Marlins called up rookie Bryan Petersen this week and, after he was given his uniform and locker, the outfielder was taken to meet the team's stadium music coordinator to pick some appropriate rock music for a white baseball player. "I'm a little more into hip-hop," said Petersen. "I also kind of like Debussy. But I was told I needed to pick some hard rock like Metallica or Queens Of The Stone Age. Something very, very white." Marlins stadium music coordinator Jon Phillips says stereotypical at-bat music keeps things running smoothly. "Latin guys do Salsa, black guys get rap, white guys get rock," he said. "Those are the rules. You can't have Hanley Ramirez coming up to bat with Radiohead on. It will blow everyone's mind."