Phillies Trade Roy Halladay for Roy Oswalt

The Philaelphia Phillies finally agreed on a deal today to acquire Astros ace Roy Oswalt, sending starter Roy Halladay and several prospects to Houston. The Phillies also have to pick ... Continue Reading →

Sunlight hits the hair of Karen Sypher as she enters the courthouse, causing Rick Pitino to mess up his pants in far less than 15 seconds.

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Awesome Multi-Wheel Skateboard

This skateboarding actually IS a crime. Continue Reading →

This minor leaguer can do a lot of great tricks with a bat

Except apparently hit a baseball with a bat. If he could do that trick well, he probably wouldn't be playing for the Long Beach Armada. Continue Reading →

The 20 Most Ridiculously Humiliating Sports Injuries of All-Time

San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos recently had to go on the disabled list for a sneezing-related injury. He tried to stifle the sneeze, but his finely-tuned athlete body couldn't ... Continue Reading →

It’s like this every day in rugby. Continue Reading →

The NFL’s new concussion poster isn’t as helpful as it could be

You know how the NFL has a problem with players suffering debilitating concussions — a problem that the league has ignored for years? Well, that problem is about to be a thing ... Continue Reading →

GM Says Asking Price Too High for Kidnapped Daughter

Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. says that while he wants to acquire his daughter, Daisy, age 4, from the kidnappers who took her last week, he feels their asking ... Continue Reading →

Sources: Multiple teams looking to trade lousy players before deadline

With major league baseball’s trade deadline just hours away, sources in various front offices say that many teams are trying to unload their crappiest players for better ones.“Most ... Continue Reading →

This sign is likely from a nation that has a ruthless dictator. Or it could be Texas.

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The 10 Commandments of Sports Talk Radio Hosts

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These kids fight better than Alexander Semin. Continue Reading →

Boisterous crowd breaks stadium noise meter

A loud and unruly crowd at AT&T Park last night broke the stadium’s noise meter when it refused to stop cheering even though the meter was clearly being pushed to its limit. ... Continue Reading →