Owners Vote to Contract George Steinbrenner’s Fantasy Team

Major league baseball owners voted last night to contract George Steinbrenner's fantasy team, "The Boss' Boys", and reassign the players on his team via a dispersal draft.
"We just didn't feel it was fair for Hank Steinbrenner to take over his team. It's loaded," said Red Sox owner John Henry. "George has worked hard over the years to stock his team with Yankees and Hank shouldn't get to just walk in to a title."
Steinbrenner has been a famously hands-on fantasy owner of the years in the MLB Ownerz League, scouring the fantasy wire each day and offering other owners trades several times a week.
"George was the guy who would offer you a couple of utility players and a reliever for one of your stars," said Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. "It was annoying and insulting. But at the same time endearing because you knew he just wanted to win."
The league message board still talks about Steinbrenner's 1986 move when he released Dave Winfield, then used his No. 1 waiver spot to pick him right back up, then released him again and, finally, traded a young Roger Clemens to get Winfield back.
"Yeah, George's teams weren't so good back then," said White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.
Hank, Steinbrenner's son, will be able to join the now 29-team league before the 2011 season as the owner of an expansion team. The longtime Yankees owner was in second place in the league at the time of his passing.
"I was in first place, baby!" said Royals owner David Glass. "Yeah, I admittedly spend much more time working on my fantasy team than on my real baseball team."