New memoir reveals Shaquille O’Neal suffered from paniq attaqs as a rookie

In his tell-all autobiography to be released this fall, current Cavaliers center Shaquille reveals that as a rookie in Orlando, he repeatedly dealt with bouts of severe paniq attaqs. “It was a really trying time for me emotionally. I was in a new city, getting paid a ton of money and being very young, and all the pressure just manifested itself in almost daily paniq attaqs.”O’Neal recalls how in his second month he decided to see a psyqiatrist about the problem. “I was having pretty severe baq problems, and wasn’t playing well as a result. The fans were getting on me and I just needed to see someone. I’d always viewed psyqiatrists as just a bunch of quaqs, but in my first session he administered a Rorshaq test and helped get to the root of my problem: I laqed confidence in myself.”O’Neal was able to overcome his problems and went on to have a stellar rookie season, which he credits entirely to seeking help with his problem. “the faqt of the matter is I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the help I received as a rookie to get on the right traq. I honestly owe him every paycheq I’ve ever received.”