Muslim family disappointed by trip to the "Mecca of Basketball"

After misunderstanding an article printed in the Afghanistan Times Daily back in May, Kabul City resident Al-Lateef Mohammed booked a trip for him and his family to New York City for a religious pilgrimage. The article, which was about the prospective free agency of LeBron James, had made mention of the New York Knicks’ home court, Madison Square Garden, being the “Meccaof Basketball.” Mohammed, who had been making the same pilgrimage toMecca, Saudi Arabia for years, jumped at the opportunity to fulfill his religious duty in a new environment.Upon arriving at the “World’s Most Famous Arena,” Mohammed was mortified to find The Garden had absolutely no affiliation with Islam. After police arrested him for crying in the middle of 32ndStreet, Mohammed told them of his glaring mistake. Out of sympathy to the family, Madison Square Garden management provided them with free courtside tickets to a Liberty game. After the game, an embarrassed, yet cheery Mohammed said he learned a lot from his trip. "I learned that the team that plays here, the Knicks, are really quite terrible," he said. "Also, did you know when someone outside a sporting arena asks if you have tickets, they’re really asking if you want tickets?”