Michael Vick not able to attend annual Vick Family Crime Jamboree

Quarterback Michael Vick will not be able to leave Pennsylvania to attend his annual crime festival in Newport News, Virginia, due to travel restrictions placed on him as part of his probation.
The Vick Family Crime Jamboree has been hosted by Vick and his brother Marcus Vick in their hometown since 2001. The event features five days and five nights of small misdemeanors up to serious felonies. Participants compete for cash prizes, loot and skilled defense attorneys. Admission is free, but those who attend are made aware that they could be robbed or assaulted at any time.
"Of all the events that I have had to miss due to the travel restrictions currently place on me, I am most disappointed to have to miss this one," said the quarterback. "Anyone who knows me knows how much I want to get back home and do some crime."
With Michael Vick unable to attend, the hosting duties fall solely onto his brother Marcus.
"I'm upset Michael won't be here," he said. "But this is my chance to prove I'm just as bad as he is. I'm tired of being in his shadow. Except when the times that literally being in his shadow has enabled me to avoid being detected by police."
Although the Eagles backup said he definitely will not attend, there are rumors that he will show up for the day's final show.
"We usually have a fireworks display that's part of blowing up a bank vault," said a source close to the Vick family. "But we are considering getting Mike out of Pennsylvania and down here. We've never had a parole violation AND a manhunt at the jamboree. I think the attendees would really enjoy it."