Meryl Streep: playing for the Heat would be "the role of a lifetime"

Hollywood legend Meryl Streep expressed interest in playing for the Miami Heat today, saying that playing the role of the team's point guard or center would be "the role of a lifetime."
"I have never wanted a part so much in my life," Streep told Entertainment Tonight. "I have two Academy Awards and seven Golden Globes, but winning a ring would be the achievement of my career."
Streep has expressed interest in playing Speedy McCoy, a quick, young and talented point guard, but one who has a lot to prove. She has also pitched Heat president Pat Riley the character of Rodney Thomas, a veteran, world-weary NBA center who just wants to play a role and help his team win.
"I played Julia Child in Julie & Julia," said Streep. "Julia was 6-foot-2 and I pulled that off, so I see no reason why I couldn't do 6-foot-10 Rodney."
An added challenge for Streep is that both of the characters she is interested in are muscled black men, but she feels those challenges can be met with "a good Hollywood trainer and the makeup chair. Or special effects is another option. Jim Cameron got Sigourney [Weaver] to look like a giant, young, blue woman in Avatar. I'm the same age as Sigourney. A tall black man would not be a problem."
Riley said he is considering Weaver for a part on the Heat.
"She is one of the greatest actors of all-time and I am confident she can play any character she puts her mind to," he said. "And, obviously, she's a much better option that someone like Penny Hardaway. I just don't know if we can get her for the right money or if she fits the target market of our team."
Riley is reportedly intrigued by bringing in the "younger, bustier" Lindsay Lohan. "This team will need someone to do the dirty work," said a front office source. "And after doing time, Lindsay should be plenty scrappy and ready to prove herself."