Lebron James Signs 2-Year Contract With Verizon Wireless

The deal is done. After careful thought and consideration, Lebron James has announced he is signing a 2-year contract with Verizon Wireless as his cell phone carrier.
"When it came down to it, it made sense to stick withVerizon," James said. "I've already got FIOS TV service, andVerizon's selection of Android mobile phones is very enticing."
The agreement with Verizonallows James to purchase the new Droid X at a low subsidized price and makes him eligible to upgrade to the hottest new phones after just 12 months — or get an entirely new phone, with a contract renewal, every two years.
James also considered contracts with Sprint and AT&T. The latter was expected to land the former Cavaliers star with its new iPhone 4, but James was lured toVerizonafter receiving assurance from the store manager that Verizon would soon be adding top phones.
"We're working with Apple on a sign-and-trade deal to bring the iPhone toVerizon," said manager Chris Dalman, manager of Verizon Wireless store #22341 in Akron, Ohio, where James signed his contract. "At that point, we'll begin negotiating an extension with LeBron, too."
Dwyane Wade, currently locked into a long-term deal with T-Mobile, was hoping to lure James and Chris Bosh over to his current service, so he could add them to his Fave 5. But the service's lack of a revolutionary smartphone was reportedly a dealbreaker for James.
After failing to sign James, AT&T has said it will turn its attention to Joe Johnson, who is said to be displeased with his current Sprint service. Johnson is known to frequent Atlanta's Lenox Square Mall, which has an Apple store, as well as an AT&T kiosk near the food court.
James reportedly did not consider getting a beeper, despite the urging of several members of the New York Knicks organization who swear by the devices.