Jud Buechler: "Lebron is right to play with superstars"

While NBA legends Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson have come out to say that they would never have chosen to join forces with other NBA stars to win a title, former Chicago Bulls forward — and three-time NBA champion — Jud Buechler said today that Lebron James made the right decision by signing with Miami.
"Could I have tried to win one myself?" said Buechler, speaking to no one in particular on the back porch of his house. "Sure. That would have been great. But I tried to do that with the Nets, Spurs and Warriors. And not only did I not win a title, but I often didn't even get in games. That's when I knew I needed to make a move."
Following the 1993-1994 season, Buechler chose not to re-sign with Golden State — partly because he wasn't offered a contract, and partly for the opportunity to play with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.
"You know, all respect to Michael, but it's sort of convenient for him to come out and say that he never would have done what Lebron did," said Buechler. "But he already had Scottie on his team. And then I came along, too. It's not like he did it by himself. I averaged 2.7 points per game during our three-peat."
Those mid-90s Bulls teams are regarded among the greatest teams in NBA history, and Buechler's name is listed on the roster.
"I know it is. I check to make sure it's still there regularly," he said. "At the end of the day, careers are measured by championships. Lebron knows that. And I think someday he'll be mentioned in the same sentence as Bill Russell, Magic, Michael, Kobe, and Jud."