GM Says Asking Price Too High for Kidnapped Daughter

Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. says that while he wants to acquire his daughter, Daisy, age 4, from the kidnappers who took her last week, he feels their asking price remains way too high.
“I am not going to mortgage the future of this family for one child,” said Amaro. “Do I want to get her? Sure. Of course I do. But until the kidnappers drop their price, I won’t be making a deal.”
Whether Amaro is bluffing or not remains to be seen. But outside observers say that if he delays in pulling the trigger for too long, the kidnappers could decide to send his daughter elsewhere.
“I understand his position that his family has a lot of future potential as it is, so he doesn’t want to give a lot away. But Daisy is that missing piece,” said Fox’s Ken Rosenthal. “He may not get this opportunity again. If the kidnappers keep getting stonewalled, they’ll take what they can get elsewhere – be it selling her into child slavery or to carneys or whatever. Amaro is not holding all the cards here.”
While Amaro continues to work for a better deal, others within the organization are pushing for him to accept the deal currently on the table.
“We have to accept their demands. We just have to,” said a clearly distraught Cindy Amaro, Ruben's wife and Daisy’s mother. “They have what we want, not the other way around. We are not in control here. I will not lose my daughter because of my husband’s stubbornness and inexperience. We already lost out on Dan Haren. I can’t bear to see it happen again.”
Daisy Amaro says she is aware of all of the negotiations and rumors surrounding her but has tried not to let it affect her play.
“They let me play Barbies and eat candy whenever I want,” said Daisy. “The big kidnapper man is nice. Mommy and daddy are nice, too. I just like to play, play, play – play all day. I don’t care where. Playing is fun everywhere! Yay!”