George Steinbrenner: A Retrospective … In Pictures

Longtime New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has passed away at age 80. Let's take a look at his life … in pictures.

Steinbrenner famously fired manager Billy Martin repeatedly. Mainly because Martin refused to stop making fun of his pants.

Although a controversial image nationally, Steinbrenner was a beloved figure among Yankees fans. He collaborated on several children’s books, including “The Fat Toad” with Hideki Irabu, and “Mr. May” with Dave Winfield.

One of Steinbrenner’s favorite players of the modern era was Andy Pettitte.

Steinbrenner was mocked on “Seinfeld” as a cartoonish buffoon who was so stupid he would probably even executive produce something like “The Marriage Ref.”

Steinbrenner also hosted “Saturday Night Live.” However, his appearance was a failure because he didn’t fire Loren Michaels.

In 2008, Steinbrenner spearheaded a deal between the Yankees and Cowboys that made the franchises the exclusive manufacturer of American-made bandwagons.

Although his health had been failing for years, Steinbrenner did not fear death because he had already met Jesus.