Gay Chicago Sports Fan Comes Out of Closet to Bulls Entrance Music

As a way of expressing his undying love for both Chicago sports teams and his life partner Greg, Chicagoan Mark Davis publicly announced his homosexuality to the backdrop of the classic Chicago Bulls entrance theme.
“This has been something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now, but I could never figure out just how to go about it,” said Davis, 28, “And I was watching the ’96 finals on ESPN Classic, inspiration struck.”
After rounding up his family and closest friends at his South Side apartment living room last Thursday, Davis proceeded to play Alan Parsons Projects’ "Eye In The Sky". Davis even went so far as to hire former Bulls announcer Ray Clay, who took the microphone which was attached to a newly-installed surround sound system.
“Aaaaannd now, a 5’11” homosexual from Chicago, Illinois… Mark Davis!” said the longtime public address man. Davis then entered the strobe light-filled room, bumped chests with his partner, and proceeded to go down the couch, giving high fives to each family member.
“I’m not really sure how to feel about this," said Davis’ father, Ted. "On the one hand I don’t support my son’s lifestyle choice, but on the other hand I’m just too f—king pumped to really care. I mean, come on … Let’s go Bulls!”
Though they weren’t really sure just how Mark could have possibly become gay, everyone in attendance at the announcement was pretty sure it was all Steve Bartman’s fault.