Cleveland Residents Scrambling to Get Televisions Before Lebron’s Big Announcement

Lebron James is scheduled to announce where he will sign as a free agent on Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. ET during a special ESPN broadcast.
The televised event has prompted long lines outside of the several television shops in Cleveland, the only remaining American city that has yet to completely adopt television technology.
"I've been wanting one for years," said Cavaliers fan Walter Mischak, standing in a line outside of Hempy's TV And Radio Shop downtown. "But, like most people here in Cleveland, we can't really afford one. That's why I'm hoping they'll take a trade of my prize chicken here."
Hempy's TV owner Randy Hempy says he hasn't seen demand for televisions this high since the moon landing in 1969.
"I am almost completely sold out of my 14-inch, wood paneled, Admiral TV sets," he said. "At $129.99 they're the deluxe, most top-of-the line TV on the market. The Cleveland market."
While many Cleveland residents are trying to find the money to purchase a television, others are refusing to jump on the "fad."
"I won't be burned twice," said Cavaliers fan Steven Domchelski. "I caved a few months ago and bought a cassette player at my neighborhood pawn shop. I wasn't impressed. I'll just wait to get my Lebron news like I get most of my news: word-of-mouth, town crier or oral history."