Wimbledon Grows Rough Extra Long

Wimbledon Grows Rough Extra Long
Looking to create playing conditions befitting a major tournament, Wimbledon officials have decided to grow the on-court grass extra long for the fortnight of action.

"We want to penalize players for bad shots," said Wimbledon director Geoffrey Pettigrew. "So anything not hit right snug up against the baseline or the sidelines will plunge deep into six-inch rough. Only those who play the best will succeed."

But the players aren't so sure.

"This actually rewards poor players who don't have any accuracy," said Novak Djokovic. "Because their opponent is the one who will have to play it out of the rough, not them. Not to mention the bunkers they installed in the service boxes."

Serena Williams says she just wants Wimbledon to keep the courts safe.

"If the grass is long, the grass is long," she said. "There's nothing we can do about it. But I wish they would cut it a little bit. I ran up to the net during my match and was bitten by a fox that had bedded down up there."