Umpire accepts fan’s generous offer of glasses

Umpire Jim Joyce accepted a Detroit Tigers fan’s generous offer of glasses last night, happily accepting the man’s spectacles at the close of the ninth inning.“The guy was screaming at me for most of the inning: ‘Hey, ump, do you want my glasses?’” said Joyce. “At first, I had no intention of taking them, as my vision is 20-20. But I didn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings. Everyone in baseball needs to be mindful of the fans. Plus, I thought they were pretty nice frames. I’ll look kind of cool and bohemian if I wear them.” Joycesays he is very much enjoying the frames, and hopes fans will offer him more things in the future. "I’ve heard fans yell to me before: ‘Hey, ump, here’s a dollar. Why don’t you go buy a clue?’” he said. “I think I might start accepting these dollars. Might be a nice little extra way to make money. I am just glad my work is appreciated."