The 10 Most Memorable Moments in U.S. Soccer History

The U.S. National Team's second match of the 2010 World Cup featured a comeback from a 2-0 deficit and a disallowed game-winning goal on one of the worst referee calls of all-time.
No doubt the match will be remembered for a long time. But where does it crack the list of the 10 most memorable moments in U.S. soccer history? You decide.

#10 —1994: Longtime goalkeeper Tony Meola is cut from a tryout with the New York Jets, saving U.S. Soccer from forever being linked to the New York Jets.
#9 — 1999: David Beckham names his newborn son Brooklyn because the child was conceived in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. What an honor for America that the country inspired David Beckham to ejaculate inside of his then-girlfriend.
#8 — 1998: U.S. soccer becomes popular enough that people will sit through craptastic musical performances like this by U.S. soccer players without booing or leaving:

#7 — 2009: In a stunning performance against Spain at the Confederations Cup, Landon Donovan's hairline stops receding for 10 consecutive minutes.
#6 — 1950: The U.S. team shocks England, 1-0, at the World Cup, scoring a goal on what we can assume was an incredibly humiliating mistake by England's goalkeeper.
#5 — 1987: Jealous that Pele is not American, the American entertainment industry successfully humiliates him:

#4 — 1934: The U.S. Olympic committee, by a slight plurality, votes to officially call the sport "soccer" over "faggyball" and "not basketball."
#3 — 2009: The Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams play again, convincing a lot of people to give that other kind of football another try.
#2 — 2006: Clint Dempsey finally gives America what it has long been demanding: rap about soccer.

#1 — 1994:The United States plays host to the 1994 World Cup. And wears this jersey while doing so, proving to the world that while we can respect its game, we still don't have to take it seriously.